We pride ourselves on being able to blend the skills of our multi-disciplinary team into comprehensive programs based on international and local best practice. At Stepping Stones we work closely with clients to determine the course of treatment that will best suit each client’s condition and unique circumstances. Our aim is that our treatment will lead to each client achieving recovery and the optimum quality of life possible for them.

Over the years we have learnt that there can be an underlying, undiagnosed chronic mental health condition, by example a student or young adult self-medicating with cannabis to help them deal with the unmanaged symptoms of ADHD. Alcoholism and depression is another common combination. In substance use disorder, it can be difficult to know which came first, did the depression lead to chronic alcohol misuse or has the chronic alcohol misuse caused the depression. Whilst we have treated thousands of patients who have a single substance use disorder, we also treat significantly complex cases such as a prolonged history of polysubstance use disorder, complicated by border line personality disorder and bi-polar mood disorder.

Different mental health conditions can exhibit similar symptoms especially when combined with a substance use disorder, e.g. a client diagnosed with schizophrenia whilst addicted to mind altering substances such as MDMA, crack cocaine, LSD and GHB. We have at times seen misdiagnosis with subsequent incorrectly prescribed medication e.g. clients diagnosed with bi-polar mood disorder due to symptoms of mood swings but they really have symptoms of drug induced psychosis.

It is recommended that clients with substance use disorder and a mental health condition, or suspected condition, seek treatment from qualified and registered healthcare specialists. When requiring in-patient treatment, a clinic that is licensed as a psychiatric hospital and a rehab treatment centre is a superior choice.