Available Programs

Our admission consultants and clinical team offer client-specific program recommendation prior to admission and during treatment. We understand that every individual is unique in their addiction history and may have, co-existing psychiatric conditions, time constraints, financial or insurance limitations or complex social systems. 

At Stepping Stones, clients have access to healthcare professionals that can assess, support and monitor them daily which allows for changes in treatment to be made immediately if needed, based on real time observations.
Stepping Stones offers:

  • 3 - 7 day in-patient, detox program,
  • 14 day in-patient, relapse program,
  • 21 – 28 day in-patient, dual diagnosis or rehabilitation program,
  • 21 - 90 day residential secondary care 

For persons who have already completed a full rehab programme elsewhere, they may transfer from that facility directly to our Secondary Care facility, also well known as The Beach House.

Please contact one of our consultants for assistance in choosing a programme or combination of programs to meet your recovery needs.

Every member of our team is committed to being active partners in our client’s treatment, however, we need clients to be just as active in this partnership. Treatment involves a willingness to talk about issues with honesty; it involves striving to develop new methods of coping. It takes courage to change, rehab needs motivation and a desire to live a sober life. We aim for clients to not only have had “clean time”, but by the end of the programme will have:

  • been able to admit they are powerless and that their lives have become unmanageable and truly understand what this means,
  • connected or reconnected with the appropriate fellowship,
  • started to connect with themselves and developed a positive sense of who they are which may provide them with the motivation to continue the journey of recovery,
  • developed some practical skills and acquired the “tools” that will assist them with living life, one day at a time, without returning to old destructive addictive habits.